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Book "City Guide to Hitler's Berlin - then & now" (German/ English)

Book "City Guide to Hitler's Berlin - then & now" (German/ English)

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Book - "City Guide to Hitler's Berlin - then & now" (German/ English)

If one visits the former Berlin government district today, more than 70 years after the end of the Second World War, it will be virtually impossible for him to take bearings from historical buildings. For this reason, work by Christoph Neubauer has been ongoing to develop a 3D computer model of the old Berlin government district. The model enables a virtual camera to simulate any historical view, and this technique Neubauer used over recent years to create several documentary films dealing with the topic. The aim of the present book is to use this same technology to help guide Berlin visitors around a city tour through Hitler’s Berlin. The guide contains outline maps from the various time periods, enabling the reader to follow the way in which the footprint of the government district has changed over the years. A current photograph is presented on each description page to show in which direction one should look from the respective location. This is contrasted with a picture depicting the historic situation for each point. The city tour provides with a wealth of background information on the different buildings and takes the reader on a walk of approximately one hour’s duration to important landmarks within Hitler’s Reich Chancellery and the historic government district.

Pages: 72
69 colored illustrations
2nd updated edition 2019
Language: German/ English
ISBN: 978-3-9813977-2-7

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