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HD-Video-Download "Die Reichskanzlei" (Englisch)

HD-Video-Download "Die Reichskanzlei" (Englisch)

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DVD 1  Die Reichskanzlei

The New Reich Chancellery was the only major building project, finished by Albert Speer. Until today many myths are connected with Hitler’s Berlin headquarter. Myths which were purposely sprayed by Goebbels minister of propaganda. Partly this lies are still part of today’s documentaries about this building. This is mainly because the Russian administration of Berlin ordered the Reich Chancellery to be demolished after the war. Today, it is not possible to judge the building in an objective manner just by viewing historic photographs alone. For that reason, Christoph Neubauer started in 2003 building a high detailed computer model of the entire Chancellery and its surrounding buildings in the Berlin government district. He studied more then 10.000 photographs and construction plans and spent up to now more then 300.000 hours working on this project.
This part of the documentary series “Hitler’s Berlin 3D” focuses on the historic background which shaped the building of the Reich Chancellery. Beginning with the Old Reich Chancellery, the film also covers the extensions made in 1929 and 1934-1936. Further more the construction of the New Reich Chancellery is shown in detail. This documentary shows, besides the official facades of the building on Wilhelmplatz, Vossstrasse and Hermann – Goering – Strasse, also the facades which were not designed for the public eye.

Running Time: ca. 41 min
Language: English
Format: PAL/MP4
Resulution: 1280x720
File Size: 1,78 GB


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