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HD-Video-Download "Der Wilhelmplatz" (Englisch)

HD-Video-Download "Der Wilhelmplatz" (Englisch)

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DVD - Der Wilhelmplatz

The documentary "Der Wilhelmplatz" portrays how the former Wilhelmplatz, which was influenced by Schinkel, was converted to a deployment plaza in 1936. By direct comparison of old and new, this film discerns how the plaza evolved into a stage for Adolf Hitler’s big events through diverse re-construction ventures. In addition to the buildings, computer specialists even re-constructed the flag backdrops adorning each house at the beginning of 1936, for this documentary. It enables today’s viewer to experience the effect of this flag display. In addition, the goal-oriented artificial lighting on Wilhelmplatz, which was implemented by Albert Speer, is also portrayed in this film. The visual effect these great night-time events at the Wilhelmplatz had on people and why Berlin’s Wilhelmplatz is still viewed as a symbol for the national-socialist terror reign today, is demonstrated by the example of the Grand Tattoo on the evening prior to Hitler’s 50th birthday.

Running Time: ca. 30 min
Language: English
Format: PAL/MP4
Resulution: 1280x720
File Size: 1,28 GB

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